Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week 2

Gertie has been here a week and a half now. I love our training time, its real quality time. Every night when the kids go to bed, she and I head outside with clicker and treats and practice. She responds so well, it's rewarding to me, and makes me want to do it more and so on. A great cycle. This week at puppy school we reviewed last weeks commands (sit, touch, respond to name and the basic turning clicker on) and we started loose leash walking. Gertie keeps exceeding my expectations because I underrate her puppiness! I always think oh this will be too much for her... but it never is. I'm constantly impressed at her obedience. She's a joy! She's wanted to sleep on her outside bed a couple of times which I am happy to let her do - saves me getting up 3 hourly for toilet trips and she doesn't cry so it's great. She's grown in the last week, I can notice it, though I still find it hard to believe she will get as big as she will! She's due for her next vaccination soon so we'll have to remember to get that booked in this week, too.

Here she is being cheeky!

And here she is today... look at those eyes!!!

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    so cute!!