Saturday, February 18, 2012


I thought about doing this blog from Gertie's perspective, a little like Honey or Lilli... but I can't do it. I'm not cute enough to pull that off. Regardless, this blog is all about Gertie!

Gertie isn't here yet, mind you. She is due to arrive this week, on Thursday the 23rd. I've been waiting for her for almost 4 weeks now. I bought her on January 24. And she is freaking adorable. Seriously. I was a bit nervous at first - for years and years I have wanted a Great Dane, but have never been sure the time was right. Now I am 110% certain now is right! I am so ready for her. She has food, bowls, toys, a bed, and a collar and leash waiting for her. She and I are booked into puppy and dog training (2 classes) as of next Sunday, and I have pet insurance. Solid! I also just got a clicker ordered, and am looking forward to moving on to that form of training once she gets the basics down at classes.

The first 2 pictures of Gertie that her breeder sent me, I am still trying to guess which one she is. Since at that point I had simply picked a girl pup, and had not yet been allocated a specific one. Now I know which she is, and this is my girl at 7 weeks.

I think this is Gertie at 6 weeks...

And here she is at 4 weeks, when I first chose to get her!

Told you she was adorabubble!

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  1. Hello Gertie! You are very cute! I can't wait to read about your adventures <3